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A lot of the fans are immature. But in fairness, Carylers tossed shit their way too. Most of the drama is a basic misunderstanding how conversation works and the difference between criticism and hate. Anyway, the episode had its good moment. The writing was a little awkward at parts, but they're just setting the stage the next episodes. Yeah. Poor Bob. But I kinda hope we see some badass Sasha going crazy on Gareth's group as a result.

Oh yeah I totally agree! I’m not saying the Bethylers are the only ones, every fandom/’ship’ has those types… I’m being put into that category but I couldn’t care less because I see them as fictional characters and real life is more important to me then getting all stressed out over rude people on the internet, you know? 

I agree, I didn’t like the mood/atmosphere of the episode, and my heart broke for Bob, AND Sasha because she’s going to find out about this and it makes me feel so bad. But yeah I’d love to see a dominant Sasha who kicks ass in return for what Terminus/Gareth and co. did to Bob and whoever else, as in a sneak peak Sasha said “we’ve lost 3 of our own”


strawberry fresh, strawberry lips by petitepasserine 

outfit for coco bun and memoria <3


outfit for coco bun and memoria <3

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You just can't be outright hateful, as in saying you want the actors to die or something like that. Although, there's this one blog in the once upon a time fandom that talked about throwing acid on actors and stuff like that, and like, the WHOLE fandom kept reporting it and they never removed the blog. So tumblr is pretty loose with their "rules"

Exactly ^^, see I’m not being outright hateful, just stated an opinion and shouldn’t have tagged it. (Although I’m sure they would of come into the Caryl tag and attacked me anyways, they usually look for fights from what I’ve heard) What the hell?! That’s horrible… see that’s true hate and true threats!! Yeah I don’t know, I think people are just way too sensitive, and they really need to chill, plus lots of the stuff they say is hypocritical. Anyways, how did you like the episode tonight? I feel so bad for Bob : (

For the record, you can't be (justifiably) reported for making anti-statements in a "pro" tag. There is no official pro or anti tags. It's just a user created courtesy.

I’m not sure whether to post this public or private, but thank you for being calm, I’m getting loads of hate, it’s quite ridiculous! (I’m just glad I don’t get affected over silly things like this, I mean to get sent hate/death threats over a ‘ship’ or pairing is really awful, hey?)

Yeah that’s what I was thinking… how could I get deleted over something like posting ‘Bethyl isn’t cool’ and tagging it Bethyl? That’s not directly harming anyone, it’s not even harmful at all! I think people are trying to scare me, but yeah. The people who are doing this are very immature

In a general statement, Tumblr isn’t going to remove my blog over a harmless opinion that is based off of fictional characters

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just so you know, spamming a tag can get you reported. So have fun getting reported because anti stuff doesn't belong in the pro tags.

Hello! I’ve realized tonight that 

1) You’re not suppose to tag ‘hate’ in a tag, even though it wasn’t hate, it was simply an opinion

2) Bethyl shippers are quite immature and frankly, radical. I’ve gotten messages from others that they are being attacked by them, very unfortunate. 

Anyways, I’ll remember not to tag things anymore, but people really need to separate real life and tv shows becomes some of you are sending death threats to people over two fictional characters’ possibility or romance. Have a good night or day!


so ive been watching twin peaks

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if you ship bethyl… you need to leave

like really how could you think those two are ‘something’

hi friendly reminder ( this is getting a lot of notes) this is a TV show… try and chill, ok??

why do people tag Bethyl and Caryl as B*thyl and C*ryl ??? y’all are treating it as if it’s a slur or offensive word jfc…. it’s a tv show..